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When you work with Red Hat Consulting, you’re benefiting from decades of open source expertise. We help your organization accelerate digital transformation through an integrated approach using open source tools, processes, and strategies for measurable metrics-driven results.

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Consulting tailored to your organization’s requirements

Using an integrated approach, our open source experts can customize solutions to address your needs in key areas.

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Find the best path forward

Our consultants will work with you to evaluate and implement the hybrid cloud solutions that work best to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver quickly.

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Red Hat Consulting helps you adapt teams, processes, and technology for hybrid cloud.

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Red Hat Consulting helps you develop the practices, tools, and culture to address cloud-native challenges.

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Deploy with confidence

Our open source experts will guide your teams to modernize and streamline cloud-native app development with containers. Stay competitive and maximize your investment by delivering apps faster.

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Automation first

We share our extensive open source knowledge directly with your teams to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and better manage risk by helping them create governed, predictable automation workflows across your organization.

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Automating your IT can create value across your organization.

Hands on workshop

Work directly with Red Hat experts to learn open source principles.

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Hands-on experience

Our consultants help your teams gain comprehensive, practical experience with the open source tools, processes, and culture that work together to improve flexibility, increase efficiency, and foster innovation.

From platforms to applications to teams, Red Hat Services meets you where you are today, and pushes you to new horizons.

Helping companies like yours

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Redefine what’s possible

Red Hat Consulting does more than provide the tools—we also teach you how to use them. We work with your team to refine processes and take advantage of new and existing technologies by learning open ways of working.

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Additional Training

Red Hat offers continuous learning opportunities to equip your teams with the knowledge to use the tools they need to speed development, build robust applications, and minimize downtime.

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We take an integrated approach, connecting people, process, and technology to help address the unique needs of your organization on your digital transformation journey.