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Our world has changed. Financial services companies need to keep pace. Red Hat has the expertise to help modernize your organization to quickly meet constantly shifting customer demands while reducing costs and risk.

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Deutsche Bank

Ascend Money


Reimagine banking for better experiences

Competing digitally means being more adaptive in today’s global market. Red Hat helps consumer banks modernize systems, automate processes, and streamline application delivery—improving resilience, efficiency, and time to market.

Find out why you should standardize cloud modernization efforts.

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Modernize core banking infrastructure with Red Hat

Find out how a modern core can help access new revenue streams.


The new face of commercial banking

The future of commercial banks is digital, intelligent, and connected. Red Hat helps optimize operations to create innovative services with a modern cloud platform that improves stability, security, and resilience.

Peruvian financial services company offers innovative digital experiences.

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Corporate cash management playbook

Learn how market trends are driving digital solutions to cash management.


Modernize to adapt to evolving consumer demand

The rapid growth of the world’s digital economy is creating pressure on organizations to modernize their payments infrastructure. Red Hat helps simplify real-time processing, and reduce operating costs, to more quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Discover what leaders in banking say about the opportunities and challenges in modernizing payments.

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SIA builds scalable, efficient payment platform

Discover how Red Hat’s cloud technology helped SIA respond to growing payment volumes.


Modern insurers need modern infrastructure

Insurance providers have challenges that underscore the need to modernize digital operations. Red Hat helps insurers employ hybrid cloud infrastructure, agile integration, cloud-native application development, and automation solutions, to connect firms with policyholders, agents, and partners.

Learn how Red Hat helps insurance organizations modernize IT with open source.

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Core system modernization for insurers

Learn why modernizing helps insurers streamline operations, improve customer experiences, and reduce costs.

Red Hat + Partners

Red Hat works closely with an extensive system of partners to offer flexible and complete solutions that work best for your specific needs.

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FSI blog

FSI blog

Explore Red Hat’s take on financial services solutions. Get perspectives, insights, and data on important financial services topics.

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Need a break?

Relax while you check out the Red Hat Coffee Break series. Get quick takes on industry topics for financial services, all in about 10 minutes.

Why Red Hat?

Financial services firms are looking to enterprise open source solutions to adapt to customer expectations for convenience, speed, and engagement.

Red Hat can help your organization streamline operations to provide better customer experiences.

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Services success stories

Moody’s modernizes its platform and processes while speeding delivery.

Central Bank of Brazil cut processing time while maintaining 24/7 service.

MGEN Group cuts delivery times by 80% with Red Hat platforms