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With an open and flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure, you can be ready for anything.

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Why hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud delivers a consistent platform across bare metal, virtual, private, and public cloud environments. This unlocks a set of capabilities essential in today’s world, including speed, agility, and portability.

  • Scale up or down without rebuilding apps
  • Get more value from your IT investments
  • Enhance stability and security

Whatever your IT challenge, Red Hat’s open source platforms and tools can help you meet it.

What’s your challenge?

Future proof my infrastructure

You’ve invested heavily in infrastructure, applications, processes, and policies. Even though you’re being pressured to adopt new platforms and technologies, you can’t just throw out your existing assets. Balance new technologies and approaches with support and modernization efforts for critical existing systems.

Architect for any cloud

Prepare for the future while leveraging your existing infrastructure. Provide consistency across footprints, drive collaboration, use data to generate new business insights, and support security and compliance measures.

Run and manage applications anywhere

Enable innovation for developers and business leaders who want the latest and greatest tech, while delivering efficiency, built-in management, and enhanced security. You can support your organization’s drive for innovation with a Kubernetes-based container platform that runs across all your IT footprints.

Having that solid foundation of [Red Hat Enterprise Linux]—in the cloud, on virtualized, on bare metal, and the public cloud—allows customers to go anywhere they want, any cloud they want, any type of application.

Brian Gracely

Director of Product Strategy, Red Hat

Ebook: Accelerate cloud adoption

Read how to implement consistent cloud, application, and management platforms across multiple infrastructures.

Ebook: Boost hybrid cloud security

Learn about ways to reduce risk and protect your business with cloud-native security approaches.

Red Hat + partners

Red Hat’s extensive partner ecosystem gives you choice and flexibility for your hybrid cloud to meet future needs as they arise.

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Lufthansa Technik decreases delays with Red Hat

Lufthansa Technik

How do you reduce flight delays in 100 days? Lufthansa Technik, the commercial airline industry’s largest maintenance provider, did it with hybrid cloud. With Red Hat, Lufthansa Technik built AVIATAR, a digital platform that helps airlines make data-informed scheduling and maintenance decisions.