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Create a connected and flexible application environment

The Red Hat Application Services portfolio of products helps you create a unified environment for application development, delivery, integration, and automation. It is comprised of comprehensive frameworks, integration solutions, process automation, runtimes, and programming languages.

Whether your infrastructure is on-site or in the cloud (container-based, cloud-native, hybrid or multicloud), this unified environment gives developers, architects, and IT leaders the ability to create, integrate, and automate flexible, portable, and cost-effective applications.

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The Red Hat Application Services portfolio

The Red Hat Application Services portfolio of cloud services and middleware products gives developers, architects, and IT leaders the ability to create, integrate, and automate applications. The portfolio has been engineered together to help develop, implement and run business applications cost-effectively at scale. Red Hat Application Services can run on-site, in the cloud, or within a container platform, like Red Hat OpenShift®.

The Red Hat Application Services portfolio consists of 3 product groups that help you create a connected and flexible application environment.

Features & benefits


Increase efficiency with app environment capabilities that are engineered together, so developers can spend more time innovating.


Take advantage of widely-used components assembled in standardized ways and tested for reliability, scalability, performance, and stability.


Get access to established and emerging languages, frameworks, architectures—and open source practices for existing workloads and new development.

Hybrid and multicloud

Realize a unified application environment designed to support and streamline the complex reality of today’s IT.

Red Hat Application Services helps

Red Hat Application Services helps you create a unified environment which supports:

  • Developers by enabling higher productivity and innovation.
  • Operations by making code in production more reliable, performant, and scalable.
  • Business leaders by enabling agile development, integration and automation.

Develop modern applications

Speed up cloud-native app dev so you can reduce time-to-market and take advantage of containers, microservices, and practices like agile, DevOps, and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

Optimize existing applications

Improve or update legacy monolithic applications and continue to use them as you transition to cloud-native application development.

Automate your business

Automate manual business processes and allow systems to make intelligent decisions to increase productivity, business agility, operational efficiency, process accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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Using Red Hat Application Services on Red Hat OpenShift helps you build more reliable and adaptable technologies by supporting a unified application environment platform comprised of:

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Our subscriptions come with award-winning support; the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts; hardware certifications; and a connection to open source communities where we source the best features and harden them for our enterprise products.

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Services & programs

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Developer program

Get immediate experience building, running, and scaling applications with tools, runtimes, and frameworks from Red Hat Application Services.

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From global systems integrators to regional solution providers. From the biggest to the more specialized consulting companies. Red Hat partners are here to help you succeed in application development.


Red Hat® Consulting offers more than just technical expertise. We're strategic advisers who take a big-picture view of your organization, analyze your challenges, and help you overcome them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

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