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Add and manage cloud infrastructure

Digital services and solutions make doing business easy. Use transformative technologies to create new business models, ecosystems, and revenue streams.

Cloud brings computing power, storage, and network systems to users on demand. Your cloud infrastructure must be elastic to support your organization where traditional, on-premise datacenter resources can’t.

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Optimize the IT you have

As IT advances, you can't abandon your past investments and adopt new platforms or technologies.

Modernize your existing resources where you can, and reduce the time and money you spend maintaining them.

Integrate apps, data, and processes

Organizations rely on software to deliver innovation. New technologies, frameworks, and approaches—like containers, microservices, and DevOps—need capabilities and speed that a legacy enterprise service bus (ESB) can’t meet.

Quickly integrate new apps and services with business data and legacy apps. This process should be agile and flexible to adapt to new technologies, methodologies, and needs.

Build more modern applications

If you're developing new apps using legacy platforms and processes, they could be out-of-date before they debut. Often, these systems aren't connected and applications can't share resources across environments. Maintaining a mix of old and new app stacks is inefficient and time-consuming.

Keep your staff growing skills and planning for your future with modern platforms and technologies.

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Manage and automate your IT

Organizations must deliver faster and more consistently to meet demand—while also reducing cost and risk. Legacy tools compartmentalize control, rely on proprietary automation languages, and don’t scale.

Cloud-ready, agentless management and automation solutions make it easier to standardize, automate, and administer processes; accelerate service delivery; and ensure compliance with policy-driven IT.

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BBVA logo

BBVA builds a fully automated cloud platform to better support customers.

We want to gain a competitive advantage by working with the best platform, partners, and talent. Being an enterprise with many years of history is not a guarantee of success. Adapting quickly to this digital transformation is a must for our organization. The moment is now—tomorrow could be too late.

José María Ruesta,
Global Head of Infrastructure, Services and Open Systems, BBVA
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Turkcell migrates to cloud platform, launches new services

Red Hat was a key partner in helping us achieve the high capacity to host millions of sub-services on our platform. The number of services we successfully virtualized in just the first year has set Turkcell as an example for the rest of the industry.

Elif Yenihan Kaya,
Director, Network Capabilities, Turkcell

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ups delivery

UPS streamlines package tracking and delivery with Red Hat

As opposed to providing a solution in 18 months, we can start giving value back to the business within weeks or months.

Carla Maier,
Senior Manager, Cloud Platforms and Technology, UPS

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Barclays adopts agile DevOps culture to stay competitive

I think there’s an intrinsic attitude among tech people to make things better, to see actual results. Particularly with automation, when you show a colleague how they can stand up a test environment in just a few steps, you don’t need metrics—you can see on their face how happy they are with what the technology can do.

Stephen Fletcher,
Devops Lead Engineer For Channels Engineering, Barclays
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British Army speeds service delivery and improves user experience

Red Hat and Ansible® have met or exceeded all of the measurable outcomes we set for this project. Our adoption of these solutions is increasing throughout our organization.

Lt. Col. Dorian Seabrook,
Head Of Operations, Information Application Services (ias) Branch, British Army

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Open technology built for change

It’s impossible to plan for everything. But with technologies founded on the enterprise Linux®, you can be prepared for anything.

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Build the foundation to run your workloads wherever you want.

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Adopt tools and techniques to create better applications.

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Automation &

Automate rote work and free your teams to focus on customers.

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