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Why choose Red Hat for middleware?

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You have challenges

You need to grow your organization and deliver results. To do this you’ll need to improve your applications and infrastructure, create new products and services, and implement analytics so you can measure your success. You’ll have to make this happen with less money and you’ll have to do it faster than your competition. Faster. Better. Cheaper. That’s a tall order. You’re going to need help from someone you trust.

Trust matters

Red Hat Application Services can help you build an efficient, agile application infrastructure. Our solutions undergo extensive testing by a diverse community, including Red Hat engineers, customers, independent software and hardware vendors, and partners. Open source is the Red Hat way.

Red Hat Application Services provides cloud-native services so you can develop apps, integrate everything, and manage it all. Red Hat Application Services is lightweight and completely open. Whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

Red Hat Application Services provides lightweight, open source solutions for your enterprise. With middleware from Red Hat you can speed up development, integrate your systems, applications and data, and automate your business processes.

Application server

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform helps your developers quickly and easily develop Java EE applications and services.

In-memory data grid

Red Hat Data Grid helps you perform real-time manipulation of massive and distributed assets across datacenters. It delivers high availability and low latency, with minimal or zero downtime, so you can meet demanding performance requirements without adding substantially more infrastructure.

Enterprise service bus (ESB)

Red Hat Fuse helps you integrate your data and applications everywhere allowing you to speed up app development with an easy drag-and-drop implementation using Apache Camel.


Red Hat AMQ provides reliable data sharing with remote locations. This means reduced maintenance costs through real-time integration connecting the Internet of Things (IoT).

Business rules and business process management

Red Hat Decision Manager can help you build applications that automate operational decisions, improving the visibility of your business rules by separating rule logic from application code. Automating decisions means fewer errors and lower cost.

Red Hat Process Automation Manager can help you build applications that automate business processes, improving the visibility of your business logic by separating rule and process definitions from application code. Automated processes improve consistency, reduce errors, and lower costs.

Our middleware comes from open source community projects. This means more people developing problem-solving software—openly, transparently, and freely. But being open source doesn't guarantee innovation.

Real innovation comes from the exchange of ideas and working together to solve problems. That's what community-powered open source provides. And that’s where Red Hat comes in. This is the approach that Red Hat has always had with open source. Our solutions help you build a modern infrastructure using the latest technologies.

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What is integration?

Need to know what integration is? Learn what it is, how to incorporate it, and why it’s a lot better with open source.


What is Apache Kafka?

Apache Kafka is a distributed data streaming platform that can publish, subscribe to, store, and process streams of records in real time.


What is an API?

API stands for application programming interface—a set of definitions and protocols to build and integrate application software.

More about integration


Red Hat Integration

A comprehensive set of integration and messaging technologies.

Red Hat Cloud Services

Hosted and managed platform, application, and data services that streamline the hybrid cloud experience, reducing the operational cost and complexity of delivering cloud-native applications.

Red Hat Runtimes

A set of products, tools, and components for developing and maintaining cloud-native applications. Includes Red Hat AMQ, Red Hat Data Grid, Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat JBoss Web Server, a Red Hat build of OpenJDK, a Red Hat build of Quarkus, a set of cloud-native runtimes, Migration Toolkit for Applications, single sign-on, and a launcher service.

Red Hat Process Automation

A set of products for intelligently automating business decisions and processes. Includes Red Hat Decision Manager, Red Hat Process Automation Manager, and Red Hat Runtimes.



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