Serge Dassault

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Date of Birth: born in 1925

Nationality: French

Place of Residence: currently in Paris, France.

Net Worth: His net worth is of 15.3 billion dollars (Forbes).

Source of Wealth:

The source of this wealth consists mainly in his holdings of the familial group Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault (named after Serge’s father Marcel Dassault). The family owns 41 percent of Dassault system and 56 percent of Dassault aviation, has majority share in Dassault Immobilier and owns minority stakes in other companies. (Bloomberg)


He was trained as an engineer at Ecole Polytechniaue, Supaero and HEC Paris.


He started his carreer as an engineer in his father’s aviation company, and climbed the companie’s ladder all the way to the position of director which he occupied from 1987 to 2004. He has been the Mayor of Corbeil-Essonnes (1995-2009) and has been nominated as Senator in 2004. He is also the president of the press group La Societe du Figaro.(Wikipedia)

Social Media: Twitter: @s_dassault

Personal Website: Serge Dassault 

Political Position: Conservative-right

In His Own Words:

our CEOS are leaving the country because they cannot stand fiscal pressure anymore’ (From his public website, 2015)

He considers parity “stupid and dangerous” and would like to see the reference to equality in the French motto suppressed, he considers equality to be “anti-natural” and “anti-economical”. “Equality is socialism; it doesn’t work” (Le Point)

He is against same-sex marriage  (Le Monde)

He thinks the 35hours week should be abolished and that there should be more flexibility for firms to hire and fire employees (Marianne)



Held office as conseiller general, conseiller regional, mayor and now senator.

He created a political party l’Union des Liberaux Independants, and later on joined the RPR – then called UMP now Les Republicains. He is an active member and part of the bureau – Secretaire national a la participation (Wikipedia).

He has been tried for attempting to buy votes for himself and his successor to hold office as Mayor of Corbeil-Essonne (Le Monde)

Lobbying & Advocacy:

He has been tried for attempting to bribe Belgium politicians in order to modernize the aviation material of Belgium – a transaction in which his own company was involved (France TV).

Advocated the lowering of patronal taxes (Libération).

He has 4 lobbyists advocating for the interests of the Dassault Group at the European parliament – full time 1.2 workers (Europa).

Opinion Shaping:

He owns the Figaro, which is a right-wing media read by at least 317 152 in 2015 – printed copies only ((Wikipedia)

He has been accused to intervene directly in the publications of the journal. He declared at the reunion of the editors that there are “informations that cause harm. We risk to go against the commercial and industrial interests of our country” (Libération). His journalists would be forbidden to write articles about countries in which the Dassault group is making business, or with which the then-President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to make diplomatic ties. (Le Monde)


He funded the Fondation Dassault, which issue area is research and help provided to mentally ill adults, children and the elderly (website)

He also gave to several research foundations to fight cancer and Alzheimer. He gave to associations related to aviation, helped with the restoration of the Arc de Thriomphe and a foundation aiming at training musical geniuses (His personal website).


In 2013, he tried Mediapart for publishing articles that denounced his electoral practices – corruption and buying of votes. (Médiapart)


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