Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos is 43 years old Angolese businesswoman, she lives in Luanda, Angola. Her net worth is of 2.3 Billion dollars, she’s the 8th richest person in Africa and the richest person in Angola as of 2017 (Forbes)

Isabel dos Santos’ father Jose Eduardo Dos Santos has been president of Angola since she was 6 years old. She studied electrical engineering and management at King’s College in London. She opened several small businesses at the beginning of her career, but she made most of her money from her numerous investments. She has shares in Unitel International Holdings – investment in telecoms – the Banco Portugues de Investimento – banking sector – Galp Energia and Sonangol – energy supply – and she is an executive member of the Bank Banco BIC Portugues board that she funded. Throuh Unitel she owns more than 50% of the shares of NOS – telecom and cable TV (Wikipedia).

Twitter: @isabelaangola 

Political compass:

In her own words:

On her instagram, se quotes Hillary Clinton : “I believe that the rights of women and girls in the unfinished business o the 21st century” (Instagram)

She considers herself as a business woman, and stated that in her sectors (telecoms, banking), “politics don’t come into it”. She said “I’m not involved in politics and I’ve never had any political role. I’ve never been in office. I’ve never taken any public administrative jobs. So, like I said, I don’t work with the government.” (Financial Times)

Her stance on inequality: “How do you get the inequality lower? Well, by creating opportunities and creating more and more development. You wake up in the morning and work, do something. It will take a lot of time but the more things happen, the more things are built.” Financial Times



The Dos Santos family is quite involved in politics, with José Eduardo Dos Santos being the head of the main political party and the president of Angola and his son at the head of the Angolese National Wealth Fund. Isabel Dos Santo was appointed at the head of Sonangol, the state-owned oil company by her own father in 2016. (Wikipedia). According to, this operation was not legal (Afrika News).

Manuel Vincente, the ex-chief executive of Sonangol is the Vice-President of Angola (Courier International)

Opinion shaping:

Isabel Dos Santos is the main owner of  NOS media, which publishes content in Angola and Portugal (Wikipedia).

According to the anti-corruption NGO Maka Angola, she owns publishing rights in Forbes for Portuguese-speaking African countries and Portugal. (Maka Angola)


She is the president of the Red Cross in Angola (Maka Angola)


The European Parliament called for an investigation regarding Isabel Dos Santos’ investments in Portugal. The MEP claimed that “the Angolan state may be, indirectly and illegally financing a private investment by Isabel dos Santos” (Algarve Daily News)

A diplomatic telegram leaked through Wikileaks implied that she would have benefited from preferential prices for her telecom firm Unitel thanks to her father being at the head of the state (Libération)

Journalist Rafael Marques, who funded the anti-corruption NGO Maka Angola wrote about the political roots of Isabel Dos Santos (Forbes). He has been sued for several defamation cases, calling in question the freedom of the press in Angola and considers the Dos Santos family to be at the center of this problem (Maka Angola)

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