Jorge Paulo Lemann

(Image Credit:“05/04/2019 Viagem Oficial do Vice-Presidente da República a Boston” by Palácio do Planalto is licensed under CC BY 2.0 )

Full Name: Jorge Paulo Lemann

Date of Birth: 26/08/1939

Nationality: Brazil, Switzerland

Place of Residence: Zurich, Switzerland

Net Worth: USD$ 22.6 Billion

Source of Wealth: self-made, industry: venture capitalist (Beer, Food Products)

Education: Undergrad and MBA from Harvard University

Career: Lemann is a director of Endeavor‘s Brazil office. Stake holder at AmBev, board member of Lojas Americanas S.A. And  co-founder of Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital, which owns brands such as Burger King, Anheuser-Busch and Heinz

Social Media:

Political Position: Center-Liberal 

In His Own Words:

When I see a candidate like Bernie Sanders having the popularity that he has and the resonance he has — he’s against all that is big, against all that is good.

A more egalitarian society means equal opportunity. Total equality means you are considered equal no matter what you do or strive for.

I spent my whole life running away from politics. I think this is wrong. The youth of today that have a vocation need to grab the opportunity. This is what will make the difference in Brazil.


Marcel Herrmann Telles

Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira

Roberto Moses Thompson Motta

Alexandre Behring da Costa

Alexandre van Damme

João Mauricio Giffoni de Castro Neves

Pedro Drevon

Florian Bartunek

John Pope

John Cahill

Electioneering: 0

No engagement: the billionaire is not engaged in such political activities

Lobbying & Advocacy: 5

Little influence: the billionaire has tried to shape political outcomes, but with limited success

He is advocate for good and free education; his extensive contacts list make of him a somewhat influential person (specially with his foundations’ work) in the topic.

Opinion Shaping: 0

No engagement: the billionaire is not engaged in such political activities


He is a co-founder and board member of Fundacao estudar. That invests resources in improving education in Brazil, offering scholarships abroad for Brazilian talents and courses for municipal education secretaries, principals and public school teachers.

He also is the founder of the Lemann Foundation which supports high quality, universal public education by supporting people and organizations. The foundation is dedicated to solve major challenges faced by the Brazilian society collaborating with governments and civil society.

Lemman also donated undisclosed sums to Harvard University to aid Brazilian students and Brazilian Studies programs.

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