Chinese Billionaires

The facts:
– GDP: 11.065 trillion
– Population: 1.371 billion
– Number of billionaires: 319
– Female billionaires: 21 (highest in the world)
– Billionaires’ total net worth: $809 billion
– The richest: Wang Jianlin with $33 billion
– Wealth origin: 98% self-made, 1% inherited, 1% inherited & growing
– Area of biggest growth: digital businesses
– Top sectors: manufacturing, real estate, technology, diversified, health care.

According to the Hurun Report presented in the Financial Times in 2013, since the appointment of Xi Jinping as president, a higher number of billionaires are entering into politics to secure their fortunes against a campaign to tackle extravagance and corruption. That year, there were 83 dollar billionaires among the delegates to China’s parliament and another 52 billionaires as delegates to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The average fortune among the 83 wealthiest NPC and CPPCC delegates was $3.35 billion in 2013. 2017’s report shows that the top 100 billionaires among China’s lawmakers are now worth 64 percent more, with assets valued at $507 billion. Read more about the statistics of 2017 and how billionaires fit in with the Marxist ideal of the country in RT.

What do China’s richest think about current American policies? In January 2017, Jack Ma said that the United States should not be blaming China for stealing jobs- they have only themselves to blame for fighting wars abroad, instead of investing in infrastructure at home, reports CNBC. China’s richest, Wang Jianlin, also spoke up against American plans to scrutinize Chinese investments in the country, warning that China is big enough to retaliate. Read the article on Bloomberg to find out more.

Some of this information was taken from the 2017 Special Edition of Forbes Magazine.
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